Balena + Raspberry 4 doesn't connect to wifi

Hello, I just installed an instance of balena audio on my rp4b and choose ethernet + wifi for the network connection. I entered the correct data, but it doesn’t work over wifi. Ethernet works fine.
Please help me, very confusing.


Hi there. I would try to double check that the network ssid and password are correct again. You can also go to the terminal in the dashboard, ssh into the hostOS, and run nmcli dev wifi to show all available wifi networks, just to check that your wifi network is in range/has a good connection

Hello, what does it mean when it says: “VPN disconnected, heartbeat only”.
Maybe this is part of the issue?

This is just a message that says that the device is probably offline, see in the note specifically. So if you removed the ethernet from your device, that message will stay there for about 10 minutes (specifically the amount of time that the supervisor’s api polling is set). After that time the device will show as offline. In your case it’s probably the SSID or the password for the wifi that is wrong. You can verify the wifi credentials the way that my colleague Ryan describes above. Also you can do this by removing the SD card from the device and mounting it on your computer, then checking the resin-wifi file in the system-connection directory in the SD card. More info about this file here. If your wifi credentials are correct. Then the issue is probably that your router might be using a 5GHz band for the wifi? If so RPis (except pi4) don’t work at 5GHz, try maybe setting it to 2.4GHz.

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Correction, just noticed that you have a pi4. Your device is probably able to handle 5GHz band.

Hi, I don’t use 5ghz, just normal 2.4ghz. Do I have to set a location some where? Cause I’m accessing the rpi in germany

Hi Niklas, no, you should not have to enter a country / location for your WiFi, but should definitely double check your network connection settings as outlined above to ensure that the Access Point and password are correct. You might also just want to validate that WiFi is functional on your Pi, and hasn’t actually died. You could flash Raspbian to another SD Card, boot it up up, and see if your WiFi network is identified there. If so, then we can at least rule out physical hardware failure on the Pi.

the pi works fine with any other OS.
Trust me, I the password to 12345678
and tried it 12 times… it’s not the password.
I’m connected with all my personal devices to this network and it works for every other device.
Thats really weird

Maybe a quick test to perform is to re-download the OS image, re-flash it to a different SD Card, and simply try it one more time. Just curious if that works.

Just to show you guys:
I flashed it new on a new micro sd, after testing my wifi functionality with a debian OS (worked fine there).
The ssid is “Ergeschoss” and the password is “Erdgeschoss2020”. I use the same data for all my other devices and it works find there.
You can see everything is right in the wifi resin file.
The only thing making we wonder is the line “key-mgmt=wpa-pask”, since I’m using wpa2 on my wifi, but maybe that’s just how the code handels it.

Oh - it is connected to WiFi - that is a different problem you are facing, likely due to ports being blocked by your router. Ok, so, first and foremost the device IS connected over WiFi, that’s great news. Now, you’ll need to have a look at to ensure the device can communicate with balenaCloud (which it appears to be having some difficulty with).

Yes, the connection was a good sign for me too.
I’ll just do some research and try my best to get this working.
Keep you updated - thanks for the help so far (: