Pi Zero W Wifi Setup?

I installed Balenasense and everything is working,except I have no internet connection unless I use a ethernet cable. During setup,I did input my SSD and Password before I created the image. What step am I missing?

Hi @Kev7274! It doesn’t sound like you have missed any steps, all you need to do is put your WiFi details in before you download the image and that should be enough.

You can double-check that they are correct by plugging the SD card back into your computer and looking in the system-connections/resin-wifi-01 file; you’ll be able to see the network name and password that you entered here to make sure they’re correct. As the device is online with wired ethernet you can also do this via the terminal in the balenaCloud dashboard by connecting to the Host OS and looking in /mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01.

If the credentials are correct and it’s still not connecting please try connecting to the Host OS from the terminal within the balenaCloud dashboard and post the results of running the command: nmcli device

I hope this helps, good luck!

eth0 ethernet connected Wired connection 1
supervisor0 bridge connected supervisor0
wlan0 wifi disconnected –
balena0 bridge unmanaged –
br-4d764e3410a0 bridge unmanaged –
resin-dns bridge unmanaged –
veth1465934 ethernet unmanaged –
veth76bfafe ethernet unmanaged –
veth956d63b ethernet unmanaged –
lo loopback unmanaged –
resin-vpn tun unmanaged –

bash: system-connections/resin-wifi-01: No such file or directory
root@d97f7bb:~# /mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01
/mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01: line 1: [connection]: command not found
/mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01: line 5: [wifi]: command not found
/mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01: line 10: [ipv4]: command not found
/mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01: line 13: [ipv6]: command not found
/mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01: line 14: addr-gen-mode=stable-privacy: command not found
/mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01: line 17: [wifi-security]: command not found
/mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01: line 18: auth-alg=open: command not found
/mnt/boot/system-connections/resin-wifi-01: line 19: key-mgmt=wpa-psk: command not found

The sd card does my my SSD and Wifi credentials listed. Still no wifi.

I decided to download another image and try Wifi again and it’s working. Not sure what the issue was since I did the exact same thing as before. Anyways,all is good now.

@Kev7274 great news, thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: