Device not added to Balena Sound Application

Successfully pushed the Balena Sound, but no device is added. Under Releases the message is “Succeeded”. Tried several times for the past two days and the issues remains the same. I do not know what I am missing.
I am using Pi Zero W

Can you describe how you tried to add the Pi Zero W to your application? The pushing of the Balena Sound application has nothing to do with adding a device to the application. You can try to follow this getting started guide: to provision your device.

I followed the same guide, actually I had successfully installed it once last week and deleted it. I am redoing it again but I am not able to do it. I have noticed the below behavior with LED on the PI.

This is how it looks now

It sounds like your device is not able to connect to your wifi. Did you provision it from the dashboard?

Yes, I did the provisioning from the dashboard. Also I checked my other applications on the same PI and it is able to connect to WIFI.


It would be helpful if you try a development build and use the serial console to help us debug it.

Could you do that?

Will certainly do it, but please provide me the steps using the serial console.

You need a USB-serial converter cable like this one or similar

You need to connect it to the RPi like this

Connect the cable to your computer and open a serial terminal(putty, minicom, picocom) with 115200 8N1 settings.

When booting your RPi you will see a login console. Type root, press enter and you will have access to the shell.

How does this sound?

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Thank you very much for the support, will surely get one ASAP and let you know.


One extra thing to do is to look inside your card’s resin-boot partition in the file’s path system-connections/resin-wifi-01 and see if the credentials for your WiFi network are set correctly. If they are correct, then using the serial console for debugging is the only thing left to do.

I have checked it and the WiFi credentials are set correctly

Ok, we are waiting for you to get the right tools to access the serial console