Device going Offline

Is it just me, or is anyone else seeing their Pi’s going offline? What could be causing this?

To clarify, it’s offline, as the pic shows, and on my local network, such that I can’t hit the device URL. In the dashboard, it still shows online.

It’s back so I guess it’s just a thing that happens.

The web service sometimes is offline and sometimes return from this state.
I don’t no why is so unstable. I suppose this is a question about the “folding calculations” making the web service incapable to respond.

@BladeRunner - Yes, as @Manuti has pointed out, sometimes the crunching is consuming the entire device and the web service / TUI do time out. Folding is hard work for the processor! :slight_smile:

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I’m having this exact problem too!
When I boot up BalenaOS on my Raspberry Pi 4, it goes offline after a while.

Here I thought it was just me.