Raspberry PI 3 : Device is always offline / Failed to change the status

Hi, My Raspberry PI 3 device is connected to the dashboard and then I push the project into balena registry.
So RPI3 device pulls the image from balena registry and service is good to go.
But after few hours, My Device is changed into [ Offline ] status and never return.
Is there anyone to help me to fix this issue.

When did this happen? I am asking because yesterday we had a major API outage that may have affected your device.
Kind regards,

Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I established the connection in yesterday 2 PM(UTC).
In that time, Device is online.
But When I login the Dashboard 3 hours ago, It becomes Offline.
Can you check my device on database and logs?
I’ve spent lots of time to backup but it’s never effect.
Hope your advice :slight_smile:
Best regards.

Hey @polluxdev33 can you give us the device UUID and we can check it out. Does the device even continue to stay offline after a reboot or power cycle?

Hi, Thanks for your service.
I’ve just checked the device and fortunately device is already switched into “OnLine” status.
Is this support team’s work?, If it’s, How would you fix it ?
But If it’s not, I’m wondering how it’s fixed automatically and what the reason is happened
Kind Regards.

Hi @polluxdev33 , nope as far as i know none of our team worked on the device (we didn’t have the UUID yet ) so it must have recovered by itself. The online status is determined by whether the device can connect to the balenaCloud VPN, and the device will try connect back up to it periodically, which is probably what eventually brought it back online.

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