Development on Apple Silicon

Are there plans currently to develop Etcher to run natively (not using Rosetta) on Apple Silicon Macs when Apple releases them?

Hi Evan,
Etcher runs on Electron so that would be the major dependency that would have to run natively first. Other than that I know that etcher is quite deeply integrated into the OS so some nodejs modules might need work to run natively. I will have to ask the etcher developers if there are any plans yet…
Cheers Thomas

Ok. Thanks!

Hi Samothx,

Electron for Darwin ARM64 is now available.

Hey @fangluo, thanks for the note. We are tracking this issue here:

We’ll post an update as we make progress.


Hello @fangulo,

I see from the changelog here, it appears that “Support building universal dmgs (x64 and arm64) for mac” was actually added in balenaEtcher v1.5.117.

So this should be working natively now. Here is a resource I found on Google that can help you verify if balenaEtcher (from version v1.5.117 onwards) is running natively on your apple silicon