Detected download link does not work



When visiting the website the main download link (after correctly detecting my Linux 64-bit OS) does not work. Clicking it results in no action whatsoever. I also don’t see any Javascript errors in the web console. If I click the button’s “down arrow” an select any other link, they work. Also, if I scroll down to the downloads section and click the Linux 64-bit link it works. It seems to just a problem with the auto-detected link.

Web browser: Firefox ESR 52.9.0 (64-bit) (Debian/jessie)

Thanks for the nice cross-platform software.


Hi there,
The download button currently doesn’t work on Firefox unfortunately, while we fix it you can try with another browser or if not possible, download directly from github here.
A new version that fixes an annoying issue is on its way so I’d suggest the browser option :stuck_out_tongue: