Deploying MagicMirror² to balena

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My family owns multiple small apartments and were looking for a simple way to display information like events, weather informations, informations about the apartments itself like current indoor temperature. It should also be automatically turned off when no-one is present. All of this should be in a slick design and low cost obviously.

I came across the MagicMirror² project which enabled all of this :+1:

The Information mirror was not that hard to build, but it was hard to maintain, thats where Balena comes in.

I created the balena-MagicMirror project which simply makes MagicMirror² balena compatible and allows easy deployment and maintenance of multiple MagicMirrrors at once.

To adopt the content on each MagicMirror to the apartment I am utilizing Service Variables and MMM-ENV-Provider which also is a project of mine.

I wanna thank Balena for its awesome services!

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We are so happy to hear a successful story as this. I will pass this done to our community lead maybe we can feature this project, because it sounds really cool.
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Awesome @idoodler, thank you for sharing the project.

Do you have any pictures of the mirror working, I’d love to see it :wink:

@dansku Here is the original prototype of the SmartMirror hanging in my hobby room. We are currently rebuilding the frame to better match the new interior design of the appartments.

It contain the following information

  • Date and Dime
  • Calendar
  • When the trashcans are collected
  • Pihole stats
  • Weather + current indoor temperature
  • Weather warnings
  • Weather and time dependent compliments
  • RSS News feed

The MagicMirrors in the appartments won’t have that much information on them, just Date and Time, Weather + current indoor temperature, personalized greetings, current and upcoming local events to visit, QR-Code to directly join the free, but encrypted WiFi.


Great job, it looks amazing!

I am messaging you privately to get your address, this project for sure deserves a swag pack :wink:

Hey @idoodler this project is great! Could you tag your GitHub repo with balena and balenacloud? We’re working to make it easier for users to find awesome projects like yours :slight_smile:

Sure, I just added the tags

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I just received the swag pack :smiley:

Thanks for the shirt, stickers and ready to go Raspberry Pi 3 B+, I was just thinking about buying a new one. Awesome :+1:


Great @idoodler - let us know and post some photos when you figure out what you’re going to do with the new Pi :slight_smile: