Deploying Balena into Raspberry pi zero W

Hi community,
I am a complete beginner so possible I’ve done some mistake.
I’ve followed the tutorial here: Build an air quality monitor with InfluxDB, Grafana, and Docker on a Raspberry Pi
I’ve got RP Zero W, used BalenaEtcher to deploy the balena-cloud-balena-sense-raspberrypi4-64-2.67.3+rev4-dev-v12.3.0
The device doesn’t start when plugged in, no green diode, no power to USB keyboard, no HDMI signal, nothing.
So I’ve tried the previous version (balena-cloud-balena-sense-raspberrypi4-64-2.65.0+rev1-dev-v12.2.11), again nothing.
One last attempt with same hardware - took official Raspbian (2021-01-11-raspios-buster-armhf-lite), flashed with same BalenaEtcher, and it booted correctly into command line.

Went back & forth few times, consistent behavior.
When choosing a device in balena-cloud, the closest option to RP Zero W I can see is Raspberry Pi 4 (this is also what tutorial recommends).

Any idea would be strongly welcomed.
Kind regards

Hi, you should be able to find the Raspberry Pi (v1 / Zero / Zero W) device type? That one should match…

there are these options: Raspberry Pi 3 (using 64bit OS), Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 400 (NEW).
One remark - I am using the free account as indicated in the tutorial (just some home monitoring setup for 1 room).
I can only choose Balena OS, Balena OS ESR choice is inactive. In documentation to this field there is mention that ESR supports Pi Zero. Is this the case?

Hi there,

I think I know what the issue is here, the file that you are trying to Flash contains “raspberrypi4-64” in it’s name and will not work in RPi Zero (it has a different architecture)

Try this:
When you are following the tutorial on that link, we aware of Step 2
You will come across the button that says Deploy with Balena, this button will take you to balena-cloud where you set up the Application (your device/devices will use this application).
In this step you already have to select Raspberry Pi (v1 / Zero / Zero W) (Not like in the example picture where we show you a case with RaspberryPi 4 !!!)

Afterwards, when you add a new device you should see and select Pi Zero and you will get another file that will suit your device

Let us know if this helps, good luck and have fun!!


ha, that fixed things, many thanks!!!