Delta Updates with openBalena


Just wanted to check openBalena supports/delta updates are intended to work?

I turned it on to test and it originally didn’t work because when supervisor went to download the delta update it can’t access the delta.openBalena.local domain. I added/configured this domain as required and pointed it to the openBalena instance.

The next time supervisor goes to download the image it then gets a certificate error. On further investigation the certs aren’t generated because the delta domain is not included in services.yml which the cert provider uses to get list of domains to generate certs for when running quickstart.

It also appears that there is nothing actively handling requests to the delta domain either for this same reason.

Happy to investigate this issue further but just wanted to check it is meant to work before proceeding.


Hello Chris,

openBalena does not support deltas, see BalenaCloud vs OpenBalena features

No worries. Thanks for clarification.