Dell Edge Gateway


Hi Resin team - wondering what the viability of getting a Resin image for a Dell Edge Gateway 3000 series:


The image for the intel nuc might work. In case you have a Dell Edge Gateway 3000 could you try it and let us know?


Sounds good. I don’t have one on-hand yet, but hopefully will soon and will let you know


I’m also interested in running on a Dell Edge gateway 3001. I should be receiving a unit in the next few weeks. I’ll try out the Intel Nuc image and post here.


Hi everyone, I’ve made some attempts to deploy the resin intel nuc image in the Dell 3002, but it did not work. You got it?


Hi rodrigo,
I think the reason it might not work is that the Dell 3002 expects an image with secure boot. Can you try disable secure boot in the 3002s bios and see if the OS is able to flash onto the internal emmc.