Deleting fleets or organisations + not working

I tried to delete fleets or organisations from balena cloud, but it does not seem to work, which I am finding a bit frustrating. any ideas? tks

Hello @hattrick welcome to the balena forums!

Could you please tell us more details about your scenario to understand why you can’t delete fleets or organizations? Are you the admin of the organization and the fleet?

Tell us more and we will try to help you :slight_smile:


Just following up, were you able to get deleting fleets and orgs working?

I’m having a similar issue.
A deleted organization still shows in the list.


  1. Delete organization (empty, one linked admin member but no linked fleets)
  2. Confirm the validation dialog
  3. The green toaster “Success! Organization deleted successfully” is shown
  4. The organization is still in the list

I first tried this a few weeks ago.
Today, I tried again but still doesn’t remove.

I am the admin of this organization.