How to delete fleets from balena cloud dashboard?

I want to delete some old fleets from my dashboard but i can’t find a delete option.
There is a greyed out “modify” button that says “You haven’t selected anything yet” but if i click on a fleet to select it, it immediatly redirects inside the fleet so it’s not possible to select it.
Can you please help?

@sakis_s could you please share a screenshot? Thanks!

Of course, here it is:

@sakis_s could you please get into the airplay fleet (if it’s the one you would like to delete) and go to Settings and then to the Delete zone?

Otherwise, change to Table view instead of Grid view on the Fleets view, and you should be able to select a fleet and click the Modify button to delete it.

Let us know if that works!

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Thanks for your help @mpous
Well after going into the fleet, there was no “Settings” option anywhere. The only button inside the fleet was to “Add device”.
Your suggested method though to change in Table view worked. This view appeared check boxes in front of fleets and i was able to check the boxes and “Modify” button became active that way and i was possible to delete them.
Thank you so much!

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