Data backup from used Balena Fin

Hi there, I am wondering how can I backup all data from a raspbian OS BalenaFin into a SD card? I tried to use the Win32DiskImager, however, it doesn’t show up any device or drive once I connected the Fin and my laptop

Hi @Xia, oh I just read this. So this answers my question on if you want to preserve any data from the current Raspbian installation : )

What do you mean by all data? Do you want to keep the option of re-flashing Raspbian OS later, after formatting the SD card?

balenaOS re-partitions the SD card so when you flash it with a new OS installation from balenaCloud, it will format the existing data on the SD card (see our docs for more information). So I advise you to have a backup of the whole SD card or the crucial files you need before flashing with balenaOS.

Searching online, I see several solutions detailed in on how to backup Raspbian OS. I would suggest you to try out these.