Copying Image to iso

I need to copy the image on my BalenaFin to another, but I can’t seem to find a way to get the image out of the Fin through my OSX’dd or Windows32DiskImager (drive doesn’t map).

Connecting BalenaFin to computer through microusb cable, like I would writing an image with BalenaEtcher.

Any ideas?


Hey there! I believe you should be able to plug your Fin to your computer, use usbboot ( to mount the Fin’s internal storage as a disk in your computer, use dd to create an image out of it, and then flash it to another Fin using Etcher

Thanks for the hint! Apparently, 3B+ (which is the compute module I’m using) doesn’t need it enabled, but I did it anyways, and it still doesn’t mount the whole partition. It mounts a single drive with 328Mb space, but not the full 16Gig partition on the fin’s emmc.

When backing up a Raspbian SD card, not all partitions will be mounted (only the FAT32 shows up). I guess the same is true for balenaOS.
Check with diskutil list that your device is seen, then use dd to make a backup of all partitions: