Dashboard UI updates

We’re excited to announce a number of UI updates to the resin.io application and device dashboards! This UI refresh will give you a cleaner, more straightforward approach to managing your devices.

Navigation changes

The left side of the dashboard has been cleaned up. The device status chart has been removed, allowing the navigation buttons to be made more distinct. A home button has been added near the top, which will return you to the list of applications:

home button

Add a new device

Previously, when you first created an application you would see a list of instructions that began with clicking the Download resinOS button. This button has been removed, and the resinOS download options and device-specific instructions are now presented together when you click the Add device button:

The resinOS version is still selected via a dropdown menu, but you can now select whether you would prefer a Development or Production edition with a toggle:

A toggle is also used to select whether your network connection will be through Ethernet Only or with the option for WiFi + Ethernet. Selecting Wifi + Ethernet allows you to enter a WiFi SSID and WiFi Passphrase:


Clicking Advanced, like before, presents the option to select the rate at which your device checks for updates and the option to download just a configuration file rather than an entire image:


The device page

The biggest change on the device page is the inclusion of the terminal window directly below the logs, giving you quick access to the application container running on your device:

If you would like a bigger window for either the terminal or the logs, you can click the Expand button in the upper-right corner.

The UTC button has been replaced by a toggle. If this is turned on (green), the timestamps in your logs will be in UTC rather than local time:


The device action buttons (Reboot, Restart, Blink LED, and Action dropdown) have been moved closer to the center of the page, near the device summary information:

device actions

The device page also now has a button labeled Back, which will return you to the application dashboard.

Once you’ve had a chance to try out the new dashboard, let us know what you think! You can suggest improvements through the Submit an Idea option of the user menu, found in the top-right corner of the dashboard: