Dashboard: Support Chat option gone

If I click on the “Need help” button on the bottom right corner when logged into balena dashboard, the live chat (intercom) is gone?
How can I get it back? My colleague still has the intercom option.


Just as additional information can you please send us back a browser version link: https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/

I might guess, that the “business account details” + billing details is under my colleagues account, whereas I’m in the admin role of all applications. Could it be that this is the issue? My personal account is not linked to a billing account.


The “need help” button should be visible for everyone. You don’t need to log in to see it.
Do you see anything special in the browser’s console ( you can open it with F12 or CTRL + SHIFT + i )?

Sorry, I’ve misread your question.
There is no live chat for unpaid users so it is expected that you don’t see the button.
Have you ever seen it with this account ?

Do you see the “See our approach to support and learn how to upgrade your plan for access to private support with our engineers.” message ?

I always had access to this but I lost it roughly 2 or 3 weeks ago. We are paying customers but the billing details are within the account of our CEO and not in my personal login. So, could you please re-enable to support for live-chat in my account?

Can you please check that you are an administrator of you CEO’s organization or if you have at least Operator level access on any its apps ?

I have “Developer” privileges on all apps. That should be ok, right?

Yes, that should be ok. What is your balena dashboard username ?


Could you please check this form an incognito browser window ? Some ad-blockers may be blocking intercom.

If I login using my crendentials, the chat option is not there.
If I login using my colleague‘s credentials (on my computer, same browser) the button is not there.
So I guess it’s not a Browser but a user/config setting issue.


Can you please navigate to one of the applications where you are a Developer at and confirm whether you can see the live support button in the support panel (“Chat with us now”)?
If the premium support button is still not visible, please send us the dashboard url of the application that was shared with you by your organization’s account that is subscribed to a billing plan.

Please also make sure that you are running the latest version of the dashboard by reloading the page (even though I’m pretty sure that you have already tried that).

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It’s back again. The button is now available. Did you change anything? ^^

Thanks and Cheers!

No, I don’t think that we changed anything on our side.
Let me clarify that since a few months ago, the private support has become contextual.
In more details, in order for a free user to be able to use private support, they must be viewing an application or device that has been shared by an account that has an active subscription and they are either Developer or Operator.
As a result a free user will not be able to use the private support widget while on their dashboard’s homepage or while viewing their own applications/devices.

I hope that helps.

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thanks, the “contextual” was the key. The moment I clicked on the app, I got the feature back.