Custom DTB for Xavier NX (SD Card Version)


I am using Xavier NX Devkit with SDCard.
I want to update the DTB file, however I am unable to do so.

(1) Firstly under device configuration there is no field saying, “Define the DTB name to be used”. This option exists for another device which is the eMMC version. Both are running supervisor version “14.9.4”.

(2) Secondly I stumbled upon this link which is again for updating DTBs on eMMC verison. But if I follow instructions similar to described here, the “/boot/” folder does not contain any DTB for kernel Image. It just has a file named init.

Is there a way to use custom DTB on NX Kit with SDCard?

Hi, unfortunately the configuration for Define the DTB name to be used is not available for Xavier NX devices as the Xavier line-up does not offer u-boot support, on which Balena relies for loading custom device trees. Furthermore, it does not seem that Nvidia plans to offer u-boot for the Xavier boards. So I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to use custom DTB on Xavier NX devices.

Hi, Thanks for sharing the details.