Console access - how to login?


I need a way to access the Pi thru the GPIO serial pins. Computer->[usb232 adapter]->Raspberry

I’m connected and have some output in the terminal window, how do I reach the login prompt?


Hello Mikael,

Are you running this device in Development or Production mode? Shell access via serial port is disabled in Production mode devices.


Production mode.

I’m using a Raspberry model 3 A for my application, a LoRaWAN gateway with cellular connection only. From time to time it looses the connection and since I don’t have wifi/ethernet capabillities I’m quite blind and it’s hard to troubleshoot.

Not a problem now, when I can connect a screen and keyboard to it. But it will be a problem when I move it to the rooftop.

Is’t possible to enable shell access by adding a parameter? Or am I referred to use develepment version?



Production mode cannot have the serial terminal enabled unfortunately, however I cannot recommend that you deploy a device with a Development image due to the fact that the console would be open without a password; so anyone could just hook up a terminal to the serial port or SSH on port 22222 and get root access.


So while we don’t support this in the images directly, you’re welcome to enable it yourself if you need to.

We have a script which used to do this; I cannot say for certain if it works still as I haven’t tried it personally.

It will enable the Getty and disable the root password; perhaps you could tweak that last part to set a password of your choice?

I will look into that serial-it -thing.

Thanks & regards,