connection sharing


I have a node red project under balena cloud

I would like to create a connection sharing with another device

this device is independent of balena

but I would like to reach this device through my RPI4

a kind of connection sharing where the RPI4 would act as a DHCP server for the device


is this achievable?

Just to understand your question a bit more - you want the device to be connected to a Pi4, which itself is getting it’s internet from a PC. Is that right?

I use a software on a pc that sends data in udp to the device.
but I would like to go through the rpi
concretely an ssh server on the rpi4 would do the trick.

You should be able to achieve what you’ve diagrammed above using a service that simply forwards the UDP traffic if you like – I recommend having a look at our Services masterclass to better understand how to set up the networking: