Connect With Normal Snapclient?

I’m trying to connect to balenaSound using a normal snapclient. For context, my Pi 3b+ has an internal IP of I tried connecting to it using my Windows PC which was able to connect to a normal snapserver, but it wasn’t able to connect to this. Looking at multiroom-server’s logs, it did receive a connection from my PC, but it just kept repeatedly saying “New connection from” without actually connecting to it. This repeated about 5 times before it just stopped. There were no errors.

Doing some more investigating, I found that multiroom-client is connecting to multiroom-server using the ip At first glance this seems normal, but the device shouldn’t typically be able to refer to itself by its internal ip address. It should either communicate over docker bridge mode using the ip multiroom-server or use host.docker.internal to resolve the Host OS ip. There’s some networking thing you guys have in place that’s doing this, but I don’t know how to disable it and get outside connections.

My end goal is to connect my docker container for LedFx to balenaSound so I can control my sound reactive LEDs too. Here’s the dockerfile (built for ARM): I merged the two projects following: However, it wasn’t able to connect.

How do I connect to this using a normal snapclient? It seems a bit weird that this would be so complex.

Purging the data ended up resolving all these issues and a couple others I was having.