Conflicting Messages

Using Etcher to create a bootable USB stick from the Linux Mint iso. Process completes, but with conflicting messages: the popup window says it completed successfully, while the main box tells me one device failed with a non-matching checksum. The checksum issue is confirmed when trying to actually use the disk.

A checksum mismatch is NOT a successful completion of the process! FWIW, I tried it twice and got different checksums from the USB stick each time. Now I get to figure out where the problem lies.

(BTW: on a different issue, I have little respect for developers who don’t give me an option of where to install a program. I have a separate partition for programs and don’t want to install anything on the C partition that’s not directly related to the operating system.)

@dsliesse, welcome to the balena forums! Thank you for your feedback on the Etcher app. I have created the following two GitHub issues and I am bringing them to the attention of the Etcher team.

I am not sure if I can help with the checksum mismatch issue itself. Do you see any meaningful error information in the DevTools console? You can open DevTools console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I. Other than a software bug (which is unlikely in the the writing loop), I think the most common cause of checksum mismatch is a failing USB stick, or conflicting software running in the background.