Access to a Generic AARCH64 instance

I’m running a device using a Generic AARCH64 (armv8) with Foldin at Home instance and I want to access via web to the local boinctui UUID.lan:8080 or via the public address.
I can see everything is working from the web Terminal inside the balena dashboard but I don’t know how to access directly to this balenaos-in-cointanier service.

I need to do some port mapping?
Where I must do this mapping? In the balenaos-in-container command?
Thanks in advance!!!

Hey there @manuti

As you’ve got access to the balena dashboard I’m assuming you’ve signed up for an account yourself and deployed your device to your own account.

To access the UI locally you should be able to use http://foldforcovid.local from a computer on your local network (see the FAQs under “Can I see what the device is doing and review my results?” for caveats here). In the device screen within the balenaCloud dashboard you should also be able to see an option for ‘Public Device URL’. If you enable this and click the link that comes up this too should get you access to see the interface running on the device itself. This is routed via the VPN connection that the device uses to communicate with the dashboard back end so no port mapping is necessary.

I hope this helps!

Not working.
Generic AARCH64 devices uses balenaos-in-container so they run the container inside a container or somethinglike that.

Hey there manuti

Can you please give us some more details about your setup?

  • How did you provision this Generic AARCH64 (armv8) device? Did you download the os image from the balenaCloud dashboard and then flash the device?
    I’m asking because you mention balenaos_in_container which would suggest you are running the os image in a docker container on a device running some other OS. Can you please confirm?

  • How did you deploy the application? Did you deploy this application ?

  • It should be possible for you to enable the public device url in the balenaClud dashboard without having to set up port mappings as my colleague suggested



  • Confirmed I’m running the resinOS in a container running Debian AARCH64 using config.json dowloaded from balenaCloud
  • Yes, I’m running Rosetta at Home
  • If I enable the public device URL the system didn’t show anything, only a black page with the banner from the projec.

I’ll try to add snapshots this evienig.