Combining two projects

I would like to combine BalenaSound with BalenaPihole, something I have had working in the past, so most of the merging I am capable of doing. The part I am unsure of is the merging of balena.yml files.

Pihole and Sound balena.yml files respectively.

Any assistance appreciated.

Hi @n1md4,

I feel like this blog post was written for you, haha - it’s specifically about using balenaSound and PiHole on the same device: Two projects, one device: turn your Raspberry Pi into a multitool!

It talks about some of the possible pit-falls to be aware of and how to merge the files safely. Let us know if it has what you need, or maybe you’ve already seen this and there is something missing.

Thanks for the info. I got this to work with the knowledge I already knew, and to answer my own question: balena.yml seemingly is not required for service operation. Given the content I assume it’s metadata.

That document is out of date though, there were a few hoops to jump through to get it to work, but at least it now does :slight_smile: