Clarification -- Dual cameras on v1.0

Just a quick one can you run dual cameras on the balenaFin v1.0?

No, I think this is not possible. So far as I understand it, balenaFin v1.0 2nd Connector is hardwired to the DSI Interface, making it Display-only. On balenaFin v1.1, this connector has been outfited with a switch to allow it to be a 2nd camera input OR a DSI / display output. This feature is absent from v1.0.

You can find both the specification as well as the schematics for both v1.0 and v1.1 balenaFins here: - I pressume that would be not fixable be another dtbo or similar software change - but maybe someone of the balena Team could clarify :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks thought as much

@nmaas87 thanks for replying - you’re 100% correct :+1: It’s not a change that can be made in software as the two camera interfaces are physically different on the compute module and are simply not connected on the Fin v1.0.

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