Set state of DSI/CAM1 switch


Does someone have experience on how to turn the DSI/CAM1 switch ON or OFF? Is it a physical task or a task that can be done from software side?

I’m asking because the switch is sealed and I’m not sure if I shall break the seal or not.

Thank you

Hi @sicabboy,

In order to change between CAM/DIS you can follow these instructions - You need to replace the dt-blob.bin file in the root directory of the fin, with the one provided in the link, when mounting the boot partition.

You can remove the plastic sticker on top of the switch; the CAM/DSI requires a physical toggling of the switch to set the desired mode. Please ensure that your device is powered off when you do this as performing this action whilst powered on may damage the device.

Let me know if this resolves your question! :slight_smile:

Hi bucknalla,

Thanks for the suggestion. It worked like a charm!

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