Checksum issue question

I flashed an image of Debian to a flash drive on Windows, and it failed with the check sums not matching. I already read this Checksums do not match and read that the issue is System Volume Information folder created by Windows.

The flash drive works and Debian loads and I can use it the operating system with no issues. I do not want to flash the drive again, but just to confirm that was the issue without re-flashing.

When I go to ‘Computer’ in Debian there is no System Volume Information folder, is it supposed to be someplace else?

Hi, if the folder isn’t visible, the checksum error might also be due to broken sectors in the target that you flashed, which usually means the target is reaching its EOL.

I don’t think it’s the flash drive reaching it’s EOL it is a new flash drive that I bought two days ago. I also formatted the drive (no quick format) before the last time I flashed so if there were any bad sectors it’d have fixed it. I clicked the ‘Show hidden files’ in GNOME in Debian but it didn’t show a System Volume Information folder, that folder is hidden by default in Windows, maybe it is there but Debian can’t view it because it’s hidden by default in Windows? Is there another way to view it?

If the folder isn’t there, are there any other possibilities?

Hello, which Debian image did you flash exactly ?



Can I ask what Etcher version you are using?
In the Tails documentation, I see that they are hosting a Etcher.exe that one can download. Are you using that, or is it the one that is available through balena’s website/github/etc.

It is the one they are hosting, File Version


Can you try using the Etcher from our website instead? You’d have access to the latest one, plus we’d be in a better position to help. Since Etcher is an open source tool, we can’t be very sure if the one that Tails is distributing doesn’t have any tweaks.