Change in Provisioning Experience

From now onward the default provisioning experience for all devices which boot from internal media has been slightly altered. You will notice the following devices’ provisioning behaviour is different:

  • Beaglebone Black & Green
  • Intel NUC VIA VAB820
  • Technologic Systems TS-4900

When you provision any of the above devices on, you will notice the device first flashes the resinOS to the internal media and then enters a new “post-provisioning” state in which the device shuts itself down. After this, you will need to remove the install media and reboot the device. This new experience adds a few improvements, but most notably allows one to provision multiple devices with a single SD card or USB key.

We hope you enjoy the new experience and apologise for any inconvenience it may cause. If you have any issues or suggestions don’t hesitate to chat to us here or over at support[at]


Great improvement!
I for one had issues when provisioning multiple Beaglebone Blacks, as at first I didn’t figure out that I had to rewrite the SD card…