Casing and enclosures

Does anyone have experience they could share around building casing / enclosures for embedded devices please? I’ve looked at laser cutting in the past and some DIY options but would rather have something professionally made. Any company or service in mind I could look at?

Maybe @curcuz can help here?

@curcuz any tip to point me in the right direction please?

@izavits anyone at can point me in the right direction for this please?

Hi @brice - are you looking for mass-producing the case? in that case injection mold is the best way to go imho. I can suggest you a couple of industrial design companies, where are you based?

Yes, low MOQ to start with so not sure if injection mold can be setup for
~100 units. I’m based in Sydney but would be good if you can recommend

@curcuz to give you an idea of the type of casing I’m looking for, something like the DJI Manifold: