Multicontainer OS version to Artik7



Please, please, please update the Artik Resinos build to 2.11+. Our company project need it and will deliver 500+ devices to the field.

Thank you.


UPDATE Mar. 23 2018 - They are working on it as stated on the link below. I will try to keep this updated for other with the same issue. :slight_smile:


Just cross-posting in here for reference that the artic 710 will get a multi-container capable resinOS release soon.


Hi, it has been 10 days, any updates? :nerd_face:


The upcoming release is being in testing now.


Awesome, thank you!


I saw the release, thank you a lot!


Hi, just a heads up that today we’ve also released self-service host OS updates for the Artik710, so you can remotely update the device for the multicontainer-supporting version.