Can't search by tag contents

Hello, I could not find anything online about this issue but it seems that it is not possible to search by tag contents in the balenaCloud dashboard. Is this behaviour intended?

It is possible to filter by custom tags but the search just doesn’t work at all. This feature would really help our machine maintenance as we could search for a specific machine with a given tag.



You can add a Filter for tag in the dashboard, have you tried that feature yet? In case it doesn’t work, can you give us more details so we can reproduce the issue on our side please?

Thanks for the fast response! I can indeed filter by tag but not search by tag. The search bar would be a quick way to find machines by a unique tag for example. It is a little bit troublesome to be required to create a filter every time one wants to search for a tag.

Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback - I have made an internal request note to be reviewed by the product team.