How can I search a release commit by tag from balena cli?

Hi, guys.

I need a way to filter a release commit (or id) based on a release tag.

For example, something like:
> balena releases <fleet> --tags "foo=bar"

I need this because my ci job that mark a release as finalised doesn’t have access to the commit sha created at build time.

Is it possible?


Hello, it is not currently possible to filter or fetch releases by tag using the CLI. Forgive me if I misunderstand what is possible with the CI job, but running balena releases <fleet slug> lists releases on that fleet, so if you look at the release with the newest Created at date (and Status success and Is final false), I believe you should be able to find the commit for the latest release. Would that work for you while the CLI does not support filtering/fetching by tag?