Can't resume after suspending/menus not functional

I’ve been running fold for covid with VM on my Windows 10 desktop just fine, no problems.

I also have running fold for covid with BalenaOS on two old laptops, connected to the router with LAN. Since the menus do not work on the laptops (the keys do nothing), I have been controlling them from the browser on my main deskop, when I occassionally need to suspend due to cpu fan noise, using the usual foldforcovid.local URL.

This evening I suspended the laptops, and then had to restart the desktop to install a few software updates. Now I cannot access the laptops via the URL to “resume” – i just get a connection error. And I still can’t get the menus on the laptop to respond to F9 (both laptops – a 2009 macbook and 2009 Vaio – have been tested recently and the keyboards are fine) so there is no way to resume the project.

Is there any way to solve the keyboard problem or restore the URL?

Thank you in advance for your help!