Cannot get past the BalenaOS splash screen when booting up


I just installed BalenaOS for the Fold for Covid project on my old MacBook Pro (2012, Core i7, 8GB RAM). I booted up from my flashed USB containing the installer files. Some code was executed to load the OS and then I saw a white screen with the Balena logo. My machine then proceeded to power off. I knew this was to be expected, so I powered my laptop back on, selected to boot into the OS, and was met with the exact same white screen with the Balena logo and nothing else. I waited about 10-15 minutes to see if anything was going to happen, but nothing did. I gave up and powered off my computer and am now turning to here to see if anyone could help me troubleshoot.

Any help would be very much appreciated!! Thank you.

PS I have seen that others have experienced similar issues, however, I never really got a clear answer. I am quite new to all this.

Assuming the stand-alone on laptops behaves like the one for Raspberry Pi, the console will only show the Balena logo while running (I found this out trying to debug crashes in the early days). This appears to mean everything is working fine, and if the laptop is getting hot then it is doing its job.

The user interface is accessed via a web browser using the IP address or foldforcovid.local if this is the only one on your local network. Does this help?

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Perfect, thank you very much. Would I not be able to see an interface like this, though?

This is certainly similar to what we see on Raspberry Pi.