Minecraft cross platform?

Hi all
I made the Minecraft server with this great guide:

It works really well but I can not use the Minecraft pocket edition to connect.

Is it possible?
Maybe with some help from this:


Maybe @AlexProgrammerDE who created the balena-minecraft-server project can provide some insights into this.


Well… after a bit of research it seems very unlikely that a solution is close at hand:

What a shame…

I have a Question too can I connect to the server with Bedrock edition is it evevn possible
please help?

Unless somebody else has an idea about this I would suggest that you open an issue at the GitHub - AlexProgrammerDE/balena-minecraft-server: Build a Minecraft Server using a Raspberry Pi 4! Supports common Servers, SCP, RCON and Wifi Connect. repository, since we do not maintain this project ourselves.

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