Cannot add members to my team

I cannot add new members to my organization.
We previously had a paid plan, and now it’s free.
I have fewer than 10 devices, but around 30 members.

When I try to add a new member I get the message:
“Something went wrong!”

In other organizations i can add members without an issue.
The organization is under the name: solaredge_software

Hi there,

Are the other organizations that you can add members too also on the free plan?

Do the 30 existing members on solaredge_software still have the appropriate permissions?

Yes other organizations work correctly.
I have not checked if their access works yet.

Hi Ben, what’s happened was the old organisation ‘solar edge software’ was downgraded to a free plan after Guy asked for the new subscription to be activated on his organisation (Solar Edge Technologies) I checked with Eden who confirmed you would use the new account moving forward and not the old account ( solar edge software).

Hi Joe,

Yes that is correct.
However i would like to continue using the old organization for testing purposes.
Is there a limitation on the number of members on the free plan?
I could not find such a limitation.
I removed existing teams, and reduced number of devices to 9.

Checked again and it works now, i can add members successfully. Thanks.

Since transitioning from a paid plan to a free one, I’m encountering difficulties when trying to add new members to my organization. Although I have fewer than 10 devices, the organization has around 30 members. When attempting to add a new member, I receive a vague error message stating, “Something went wrong!”

Thanks for sharing @EnochMitchell i will share this with the team! Could you please confirm the name of your organization?