Confusing Organization / Team / Fleet membership structure

While adding some new developers to our organization, we couldn’t figure out how to add them to our fleets successfully and had to dig around the balena dashboard / documentation and experiment for a while. We figured out that we needed to create a Team and add the members / fleets to that team so that they could have the correct set of permissions to deploy releases on a fleet.

The reason for this confusion is that each Fleet can have its own members and when you want to add a member of your organization to your fleet, the page makes it seems that you would have to pay for a developer seat AGAIN to join the fleet on top of the organization.

To fix this I would suggest being able to select from existing organization members on the Fleet membership page rather than having to send an email invite out to members. This page was confusing as we thought that we would have to pay an additional +$49/mo/user for every fleet they needed to be a part of!


Thank you SO much for sharing this feedback. I can see exactly what you mean.

I’ll go ahead and share this with our dashboard developers so they are aware! If there’s something we can do sooner than later, I’ll reply in this thread so you know. :slight_smile:

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Hello, thank you for sharing this feedback. I can indeed understand why this is confusing. We’ll discuss this internally and let you know if we make a change, but meanwhile I just wanted to point out that if you enter the user’s username and they are a part of your org, the prices you see should update (i.e. if the user is already a developer, the prices should change to $0). Could you please confirm whether you see that? If you do not see that, then this is a bug. If you do see that, then it sounds like a case of confusing UX as a result of the prices being visible automatically.

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@myarmolinsky after typing in the email/username I do see the price update, however the price change is quite subtle as well. I would suggest being able to select from a searchable select list of existing users or type in a new email to invite if no users match.

Thanks for considering my feedback! We love Balena so happy to receive a response so quickly :slight_smile:

Happy to have your feedback and see interest in improving the product!

I would suggest being able to select from a searchable select list of existing users or type in a new email to invite if no users match.

This is along the lines of what we are considering as a potential solution, pending further discussion internally. As mentioned, we’ll be sure to let you know if we make a change

Hi, apologies for taking so long to get around to this, there have been quite a few priorities to take care of. Just wanted to let you know that version 22.5.0 of the dashboard adds the ability to select organization members from a dropdown in the Invite Modal for inviting to your fleet/app/block. This update also includes a change to hide prices until a user has been entered, so that it is hopefully less confusing/misleading that the prices can vary per user. Thank you for the feedback you have shared with us, please let us know what you think and if you have any more feedback/issues/questions :slight_smile:

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Wonderful, I appreciate you all incorporating user feedback!