Balena account link to organization error.

Good day Balena team,

I have recently joined a new company of Table Needs and I am trying to join their on Balena so I have access to their devices and I am able to get my job done. They have sent me a link to join their Organization which I used to create a new account for my work email. Upon it logging in from creating a new account I seem to be getting an error. I attempted again with cache cleared from Balena and I got the error that is in the text document called “Balenaerror.txt”.
balenaerror.txt (2.5 KB)

I went through and attempted it again with an incognito mode of chrome and got the error in “Balenaerror2.txt”
BalenaError2.txt (3.1 KB)

For records of what I am using to attempt to join my teams organization, I am using updated Chrome with no extensions, no vpn, and no physical or software firewalls put in place to block any data.

Any help on getting access to my teams organization would help.

Hello, welcome to the forums!
We are aware of an issue with our invite links where users who are invited to an org and do not yet have an account are unable to join the organization via that link after their account has been created. To resolve this until we get this fixed on our end, please ask your organization administrators to delete the invite they have sent you and to send you a new one to the same email/user. Please confirm for us afterward whether this allowed you to join your org.