Balena CLI on m2/m1 Macs

Perhaps I’m missing something, but I just got the new Macbook air and trying to install the balena CLI, but I don’t see an install option for Apple silicon machines (m1, m2)?


We don’t have an Apple Silicon specific version published at the moment. There are a couple of ways to workaround:

Let us know if you run into any issue.


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Thanks @nitishagar, I confirmed the x64 installer is working fine.

I just landed a new Mac Studio with M1 Max and came to the forums with this very question. I’ve got other x64 apps running under Rosetta, and I’m certainly not worried about performance (that machine is a beast) - but always curious about Apple Silicon native code.

Installing now, and expecting no issues.

Following up on this thread: While the CLI installed and seems to perform fine - I did experience some difficulties while repeating the CLI Masterclass exercises - specifically when it came to doing the ‘cross-platform build’. I’ll start a new thread, although I could probably just tack onto this one.

Hello @snowake, if the topic is tangential (sounds like it is), it would indeed be appropriate to create a separate thread for it. Once you have created a new thread, could you please link it here for reference?