Beta testers: remote host OS updates


I am interrested to test !

I can dedicated a few BeagleBone Green Wireless, are you interrested ?


Hey thanks for he offer! Unfortinately BBGW is not supported just yet, (just RPi, BBB, and NUC), but will keep that in mind and let you know when we are expanding the reach! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Hi, No problem let me know :wink:

Btw, I have recovered a Raspberry PI 3 and can dedicate it to the test, let
me know how to proceed !

hey, if you can bring up the support chat in the dashboard (lower right corner), and tell us there a couple of things :pencil2: :

  • the dashboard link to the device you’d like to update
  • just a few words on the general nature of the app running on the device (whether it manipulates the network connection at all)
  • mention any modifications of the hostOS that you might have had.

This should be good to start! If your RPi3 is newer than hostOS 1.16.0, you can also try a self-service update (which runs the same process that we do manually, just for newer versions that are more likely to require no intervention).

How’s this? :slight_smile:

All right the device has been setup and the team got some info about the
app …

Hi, the device has been updated. Since it was a recent host OS version, it was just a straight trigger of the self-service update from the dashboard mentioned above :checkered_flag:

The support guys told me that they will let the OS guys know … Is there a
more straight forward method to let them know ? A slack channel or
something ?

Hey, it was the right process, as not everyone has device access, while all our engineers are doing support shifts too. :calendar_spiral: The requests are internally directed to the correct team as needed, while most issues are resolved on the spot. We have a public Gitter chat channel but that’s for real-time conversations mostly, does not give fast-track access to the internal team. Hope it makes sense, or let us know if any other clarifications needed!

In this case you didn’t need to go through support at all, that would be the fastest solution… :slight_smile:

Hi there!

I see now the 2.x rc host os is listed in the dashboard (no staging).

Do you have plans to make the remote host OS update from 1.x to 2.x ?

Or should I manually re-provision our test devices?


yeah 1.x -> 2.x updates are in the plan, but not yet finalized. :clipboard:

The current 2.x version is still RC (release candidate), so definitely wouldn’t use that in production. For testing you need to manually reprovision the test device for the time being (and with resin-cli you can provision back the same UUID if you’d like to do that).

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any update on this? is it possible to remotely update 1.x -> 2.x resin-os devices?

Hey @brettm, we have a beta program running, already updated a large number of devices, check out the announcement here, and let us know if we wanna try it out Beta testers: resinOS 1.x to 2.x updates

@imrehg A bit late to the show, but I am interested in trying this on an Intel NUC (or two). I can’t see the option in the dashboard as yet.



Hey @ab1, in that app you have two devices. One is a 2.2.0, that has the option available and you can try. The other is 2.0.0-rc4.rev1, that one doesn’t have it enabled in the dashboard, as it’s only enabled for release versions, not release candidate (rc). If you let us know what version you’d like to update, we can run a manual update for you. :slight_smile:

@imrehg if you could upgrade 2.0.0 to the latest (Resin OS 2.7.5+rev1 (prod)), that would be good…

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are you still looking for beta tester?

hey @Foremann, what device type and versions are you thinking of updating?

@imrehg could you please add upgrade option to app ids 273913 and 119134?

Checking those out as well.