Bbgw flashing does not work

As per instructions I wrote an image to my micro sd. The problem is it does not boot from the card.

I have Beaglebone green wifi and this model boots from SD first, then EMMC. This makes me wonder if there is a bug in resin OS. I did boot other OS from SD, so I am sure I do things right.

Any suggestion?

Hi Andrey,

What image flasher did you use? If you used Etcher, did the validation stage succeed?

Yup, I did that with Etcher. Not quite sure what validation stage means…

I plug in the card and device boots from EMMC. This suggests that the problem with the OS on the card.

What version of resinOS are you using? Just to confirm, you’re using the BBG wifi with a BBG wifi app in the dashboard, correct?

Yeah, that all correct

The image was written without errors. Just in case, if this is important I have Grove cape installed.

Hi. Can you confirm you followed step 5?

Power up the BeagleBone Green Wireless while holding down the small button near the SD slot. You need to keep it pressed until the blue LEDs start flashing wildly.