batman wireless mesh ...

Has anyone looked to get the batman WiFi mesh libraries operating with Balena?

I noticed a few notes that suggest kernal libraries may be in place …

I have created a container with balctl installed, but cant work out how to connect it to the host wlan0 interface … probably due to a limitation my knowledge …

Have tried to install on host, but not doing well - again probably a limitation in my knowledge …

thoughts? suggestions?



Hi, I understand you want to bridge your WLAN client interface with your wired ethernet using the BATMAN layer 2 protocol?

I would start with something along the following lines:

Configure both wlan0 and eth0 as unmanaged devices in NetworkManager so it does not interfere with the manual setup.

Add the wlan0 interface to BATMAN:

~# batctl if add wlan0
~# ip link set up dev bat0

And then bridge the bat0 and ethernet interfaces:

~# ifconfig eth0
~# ifconfig bat0
~# brctl addbr br0
~# brctl addif br0 eth0
~# brctl addif br0 bat0
~# ifconfig br0 up

You should then be able to configure the br0 interface and ping between the wireless and ethernet networks.