Basicstation using wrong EUI

I created my basic station in February 2022, It just recently stated giving me this error message “[TCE:ERRO] Infos error: ::0 Failed to fetch gateway: error:pkg/gatewayserver:gateway_eui_not_registered (gateway EUI B827EBFFFE1C41E2 is not registered)”

The EUI I registered my gate way on the The Things Network was “b827ebfffe4914b7”

On the device page of my Balena Basicstation. The EUI tag is listed as: b827ebfffe4914b7

Under the MAC address portion of the same page It shows both; B8:27:EB:49:14:B7 and B8:27:EB:1C:41:E2

I checked the wlan0/address which returned this
“root@048872d://sys/class/net/wlan0# cat address
b8:27:eb:1c:41:e2” - which is the non-registered EUI that is showing up in my error message.

and aslo the eth0/address which returned this
“root@048872d://sys/class/net/eth0# cat address
b8:27:eb:49:14:b7” - which is the EUI I registered my gateway on TTN

Does anyone have anyone idea how to get my basicstation back up and running?

Hello @currydem this is really weird that after some months running well this happened! did you release a new deploy on your fleet?

I have this issue open → Random Wi-Fi MAC address as EUI · Issue #51 · mpous/basicstation · GitHub i will try to solve this during the next days!

Meanwhile you can use this basicstation made by a balena Ambassador that fixes this issue → balenaHub: an easier way to find and publish fleets, apps, and blocks for edge devices

Let us know if this solves your issue!

Hi @currydem did you solve this issue following my suggestions?

Let us know how we can help you more!

I am super late and yes I did everything is working fine now!

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Thanks for confirming @currydem :clap: