Basicstation, but online status is relativly short & sporadic

Hi Folks,

I’m running a PI4 with a 2287 Rak Lora concentrator and it’s running fine, no complaints. However, I’m observing short “online” times while I haven’t touch the device. Any clue what could be causing those sporadic (probably) reboots?


Hello @rjwelling what basicstation are you using?


hi @mpous no long no speak, I’m using GitHub - xoseperez/basicstation: Basics™ Station Packet Forward protocol using Docker version. Happy to provide you remote access.

Could you please share some logs here? Thanks!

El dc., 15 de juny 2022, 15:59, Robert Welling via balenaForums <> va escriure:

basicstations2_large-antelope-15.06.22_19 03 03_(+0200).txt (155.3 KB)

@mpous logs uploaded, albeit for a short time while in operation. Currently it’s 10h online.

now currently 2 hours online, so something happend so added a new log
basicstations2_large-antelope-15.06.22_21 59 47_(+0200).txt (153.3 KB)

currently 19 minutes online and I think I captured some events over here (ignore all the other logs)

basicstations2_large-antelope-16.06.22_14 21 57_(+0200).txt (137.1 KB)

@rjwelling just to clarify the issue detected is related with the Time sync rejected?

I do see a lot of time sync rejects as well, but I don’t know if that’s the RCA of the behaviour I see.

I deployed the gateway yesterday on a RAK2287 and i had some time rejections as well, but i couldn’t get most of your errors.

@xoseperez could you please help here to see how we can improve the Time sync rejected of a basicstation gateway?

FYI, there seems to be a ticket?

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The time drift is a known issue but I don’t think it’s the cause of the reboot. In the last log it looks like it a network issue:

<basicstation> 2022-06-16 12:02:11.820 [AIO:ERRO] Recv failed: NET - Connection was reset by peer

Then it tries to connect again but the concentrator does not reset and if fails to start it over again. This is a bug in my code. It then reboots the service and works OK. The whole process takes almost 2 minutes. Not good.

[xoseperez] ahhh, ok… great you’ve found it… what’s next? some add. info, it runs via mobile RUT360 together with a SenseCap m1 Helium which runs pretty stable so with the actual network connection itself is nothing wrong. (that one rebooted 2022-06-14 17:08:10(UTC+2) )

@xoseperez apologies for my impatience but any news on a fix for the reboot issue?

From the repo issue: Random reboots · Issue #3 · xoseperez/basicstation · GitHub

Since v2.3.4 the basicstation process should be able to reset the concentrator after a misbehaviour like that (that is, without the need to reboot the container). The connection error is harder to tackle, mind it could very well be something outside the scope of the container…

Hi @xoseperez thanks for providing this update. I’m running 2.3.3 (still) how can I (forge to) get this update?