BalenaSound - suggestion: Plugin for Internet Radio (or a separate project).

I have just started playing with BalenaSound as a quick way of adding Bluetooth to an existing system using tech I have lying around - yes, I am one of those people who have Pis just lying around waiting for something to do.

The ability to sync multiple devices is of great interest to me especially if BalenaSound could handle streaming Internet radio stations. This could be in the form of a plug-in or possibly even an idea for a stand-alone app (“BalenaInternetRadio” ?) but I don’t have the technical savvy to go off and code this myself.

Could I please ask if someone would like to pick this up as an idea ?

As a starting point I would particularly like to be able to stream Greatest Hits here in the UK ( and the BBC high quality streams (

I am guessing that ideally the user would be able to upload a list of required radio station URLs and be able to select which one was to be played via the cloud interface and have it remember the last one played.

If parsing a list was a problem then I would be happy copy and pasting a URL into the web user interface.

Thank you, everyone.

Hi Garry, thanks for showing interest in balenaSound! I think having additional sources for audio is always welcome, and usually the quickest way to get it done is by contributing to the project yourself. Since you said you don’t have the technical capabilities to tackle this, I opened an issue here, and we can see if there is more interest for it, and if someone wants to contribute.

Thanks for the suggestions, and feel free to get back to us if there is anything else you’d like to suggest or you have some problems.

Thank you for the prompt reply and the raising of a corresponding issue. I will keep an eye on that for updates.