Internet radio on BalenaSound.

This is my first post so I want to say everyone - Hi! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to play internet radio via BalenaSound from dedicated link?

EDIT: Solution is use UPnP protocol to listen internet radio. To play radio on Balena I use Android app " BubbleUPnP".

Welcome to the Balena Forums, thanks for reaching out to us.
The way I see it you, you will use your phone or any other device to access the music source and redirect your devices output to the Balena Sound devices. So any source you can connect to from your phone while using Balean Sound as output will work.
Kind Regards Thomas

I read a changelog from BalenaSound and now there is a UPnP so i think this is solution for me. I am not a power user so I have a question - how can I update BalenaSound from 2.2.5 to newest version 2.4.2 ?
Can I use Balena Dashboard and terminal?

You will need to update the git repository you used to push the code to balena with and then repush it.
So go to your repository and get the newest version by calling git pull and git checkout master
Then push the repository using balena push <appName> where appname is the name of the application in the dashboard.

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