balena-sound different locations


I have successfully setup balena-sound on 2 raspberries.
Everything works great and as expected.

I was wondering, if is possible, to have them on different locations and to be able to play spotify music?? (of course with a premium account).

I wasn’t able to find something about it.
I tried to hook the 1st raspberry on a different Internet connection to see if it works, but it doesn’t boot at all.

Any help would be appreciated


Great to hear you got everything working!

  • That’s an interesting usecase - and would require some kind of a discovery and connection service that works over the Internet. Have you looked at our public URLs feature for devices? Maybe you can write your own custom container, and use the plugins infrastructure of balenaSound to have 2 balena devices communicate with each other
  • Have you thought of the legal and copyright aspects of these? I am not sure about this (and this is not legal advice) but looks like you’d be streaming a DRM protected stream over the Internet if you get this working