BalenaSound multiroom over WiFi


I’m looking to setup a multi room environment but not using Bluetooth.

So far I’ve only setup one device (RPi3b+ with HiFiBerry DAC+) which works perfectly with my Samsung S10 using Bluetooth and Spotify without Bluetooth. Also, on my PC (Win10) I can connect via Spotify only, but not Bluetooth, but I think that’s an issue locally rather than a BalenaSound issue.

What I am looking to achieve is to be able to setup a simple 2 or 3 zone multi-room but not using Bluetooth due to distance restrictions?

An example would be as follows:-

I’m using my desktop while listening to an audio stream. I then want that stream played in the kitchen while I’m cooking etc.

I just want to tick the desired zone(s) to control where the audio is played, is this possible?

Thanks very much in advance.


Hey Jason,

Good to see another balenaSound user!

So the way multiroom audio works on this project, is to user snapcast over your local network to keep the balenaSound instances in sync. You don’t need to user Bluetooth to connect each device. Basically, you connect to one of your nodes (either with Bluetooth or Spotify) and they automatically become the main device (server) and the others get notified as such. They then begin to play from the snapcast client, and hence play the same song, synchronised. All you need to do, is pick a balenaSound device and the others will being to play the same song.

If you need to control which devices are part of the multiroom setup, you can use the DISABLE_MULTI_ROOM config value to deselect those you don’t want to sync:

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the quick reply.

This morning I was listening to Twitch on my desktop (which is in my lounge, as is the main RPi which will be connected to my home hifi) and I then wanted to listen to it in the kitchen. If I was to setup another RPi in the kitchen could I listen to the Twitch feed without using Bluetooth?

As an aside, is this sort of setup available with AirPlay? I’m thinking I could setup an VM which may then provide a solution?

I understand a little about Snapcast as I have previously used this with Volumio.

Thanks once again,


Hi again - so for Twitch, you would need to be pushing the sound to the Pi via something like Bluetooth or Airplay. The latter is also configured as standard, so you should be able to find the Pi in your IOS settings. If you add another device to the kitchen, and push the sound to the Pi via BT or Airplay, you will find the kitchen device also plays the sound.

Let us know how you get on.

i was looking for a way to add my pc as a client so i could use my pc speakers with my pi that is connected in another room to speakers. As far as i could find there is no way. Maybe he means the same.
I wish there was a client app for pc and android/ios. then i could reuse some of the devices i already have. And if my pc is already connected to speakers it would be an odd solution if i added another input for additional audio source.