BalenaSound Multi-room Bluetooth Device Handoff

Hi there! I have a question about BalenaSound before I go buying more Pis, accessories and Audio HATs to try it out. I’d really like to use this, as it’s the only multi-room solution I’ve seen that specifically uses bluetooth - I like just being able to stream whatever audio I’m playing on a device wirelessly and don’t mind slight degradation in quality.

Before I do, does Balena Sound currently have any kind of device handoff implementation for bluetooth depending on signal strength? In other words, if I fire up two BalenaSound units in different rooms, connect to one in one room with my phone, start playing audio on both speakers via multiroom, and then walk to the other room to be further than 30 ft/direct line of sight from the original unit but quite close to the other unit, will the direct signal be handed off to the new, closer unit? I know that most devices can do this with wifi routers so I’m hopeful that it could work the same way with bluetooth.

Thank you!