BalenaSound Multiroom Flexibility

First of all, I’m super happy with having found a multiroom solution at last for music streaming. But always looking for the perfect solution I have the following “issue”;

At times I want to play music in multiple rooms at the same time, but at times my girlfriend would like to listen to certain music in let’s say the living room as I am listening to different music in let’s say the bedroom.

Is there a more elegant way to achieve this than going into the settings and adding or removing the DISABLE_MULTI_ROOM command every time I would like to switch between local and multiroom playback?

Hey there, I don’t think we have a better solution for that, but I will open an issue in the repo and we can decide whether it is something we want to work on. If you have anything in mind on how to solve it, feel free to open a PR :slight_smile: Here is the issue, feel free to add any suggestions or details there: